17 January 2020 Montpellier France


The topology of the DNA impacts on most DNA transactions from DNA replication to transcription, recombination, repair, chromosome compaction and segregation.

Many enzymes are known to directly modify DNA topology with complex and fascinating properties at the biochemical level, being either evolutionary conserved or specialized. In vivo, additional components influence DNA topology either directly or indirectly.

Understanding these various features is a major challenge, but needed to decipher the multiples activities carried out by chromosomes for cellular activities and to identify pathologies associated with alterations in these processes. This meeting will highlight various aspects of DNA topology and DNA Topoisomerases from in vitro to in vivo studies.

Closing date of inscription : 06-01-2020

Organizers : Olivier Espeli, Bernard de Massy, Marc Nadal, Thomas Robert, Alexandra Aubry, Claudine Mayer


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